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Reach your audience exactly where they are

Verity Hyper-Local Digital Advertising with Geofence Technology

Verity Geo Target

You know where your target customers are physically located — but you’re spending money on ads that show up everywhere else.

What if …

Verity Geo Target

you could run your digital ads to people only in specific locations — with no ad waste?

Verity Geo Target

you had a precisely targeted ad strategy geared toward your unique audience to drive rapid brand awareness?

You could get in front of your exact target audience faster, more efficiently, and more cost effectively — and with greater engagement than you’ve ever seen in a digital ad campaign.

What you get with Verity

    1. Rapid brand awareness with your target audience
    2. Display ad click-through rates much higher than industry average
    3. No lock-in: Turn ads on and off from month to month

How we do it

The Verity Precision Method 🎯

With the Verity Precision Method, your geofenced ad campaign reaches your audience exactly where they are with the precise message they need to see to connect with your brand.

Potential customers will see your strategically designed ads across 100,000+ mobile apps and websites …


      • At the trade show where your company has a booth
      • During the industry conference you’re sponsoring
      • When they go to work at their company headquarters
      • Wherever they gather, shop, eat, play, or live

If your audience shows up at a particular location, the Verity Precision Method can reach them with geofenced advertising.

What you can expect when you work with us

1. A strategic campaign plan custom-designed to reach your target audience most effectively

2. Bespoke creative, including ad copy written by an industry-leading conversion copywriter

3. Hands-off campaign setup, maintenance, and ongoing optimization

4. Easy-to-understand campaign reports delivered straight to your inbox

Verity by the numbers

We thoughtfully limit the number of clients we work with to ensure our clients get our full attention on the creation of their campaign strategy. Due to this, Verity clients have regularly seen ad clickthrough rates of 6-12% — when the industry average is .02%.


Average Click-Through Across Verity Customers (As Compared To .02% Industry Average)

Mobile Apps and Websites Drive Rapid Brand Awareness

Years of Enterprise Technology Marketing Experience

Precision targeting on apps your customers use most

Verity location insights drive awareness of your brand on 100,000+ mobile apps and websites.